Hatha  & Vinyasa Yoga is a more fast-paced, energetic practice for yogis of all levels. 

Yin Yoga/Gentle-Restorative Yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on mental & physical relaxation through poses using props. this style is gentle, yet empowering and helps you to destress and re-energize.

Postpartum Yoga is used to help bring the body back to its pre pregnancy state using slow restorative movements. honoring the body through meditation and breath work, pelvic floor exercises & abdominal strengtheners.

Postpartum Doula


As a Postpartum Doula my job is to nurture the birth client by providing a mother centered care environment so that the mother can properly care for the new baby. I provide educational and informational support along with continuing care resources. I am able to emotionally, spiritually and physically support the client and family. I help smooth the transition into new parenthood or an additional child into the family with traditional methods such as: Belly Binding, Herbal Purification Bath, Herbal Sitz Bath, Bajo Vaginal Steam, Warm Oil Application, Rebozo Sifting & Closing of the Bones & Warming Herbal Paste.

Additional services include: Light tidying, meal preparation, herbal tea preparation, breastfeeding support.

Belly Binding

Belly Binding originated in the Malaysian culture. It has been used to physically and energetically to bring the postpartum belly back together. It supports the core and encourages the internal organs and abdominal muscles to return to their prenatal positions. Belly Binding protects the womb as it draws the birth energy back in so that healing & rejuvenation can occur. I like to call it a 'belly hug' because of the support that it offers. It is recommended to bind as soon as you can after birth & the bind can be worn 10-12 hours a day for up to 40 days.

Herbs are carefully used to help nurture the mother and baby.  Herbs can be used to help the newborn with skin issues such as : eczema, cradle cap, thrush, diaper rash & umbilical cord care. A warming postpartum tea for the new mom made with fresh herbs and fruit zest helps with milk production and to bring heat back into the body.

Herbal Therapy

The purpose of the Herbal Purification Bath is to spiritually and energetically cleanse one's body, mind & spirit of stagnant and/or negative energy. Herbs, crystals, flowers and intentions are added to water and used to cleanse the mother's physical body using either a washcloth or bath tub. The act of cleansing  is not to physically clean, but to spiritually remove what no longer serves the new mother as she transitions into motherhood.

Herbal Purification Bath 

Using a sitz bath, bath tub or small basin, the herbs used provide nourishing and healing benefits to the vagina and perineum post delivery. Sitting in the warm herb-filled bath can promote faster healing to tears.

Herbal Sitz Bath

This traditional practice is used to provide healing, toning and cleansing to the womb using herbs. It can be done in a small pot placed in the toilet, or in a sitz bath basin. The mother would then sit on the toilet, covered with blankets to allow the steam to bring heat to the womb and pelvic floor. Doing this Bajo Vaginal Steam encourages blood flow to the pelvis as well as circulation which can be an effective treatment for digestive related conditions and reproductive health because the vaginal tissues are so absorbent. To continue to keep the heat from the steam in, a belly bind can be placed around the abdomen for the first hour.

Bajo Vaginal Steam

This application begins at the feet, oiling each individual toe and moving slowly up towards the heart using light pressure. Continuing to oil each part of the body in the direction of the heart. Once at the belly, the oil is applied in a spiral motion starting at the belly button spiraling outward then inwards again. C-sections scars are avoided. Commonly used oils are: Almond, Sesame, Coconut, Avocado & Hemp. 

Warm Oil Application

Rebozo Sifting is done using traditional Mexican rebozos which is long straight cloth resembling a shawl or scarf. The tradition of sifting is performed to allow the lower vertebrae to be released allowing greater mobilization of the pelvis and hips. During the sifting the woman is fully clothed & comfortable laying on a mat and/or blankets on the floor. Cushions or bolster are available for support if needed. The rebozo is wrapped around the hips like a hammock and then it is gently rocked in a distinctive rythm which is the process called sifting.

Rebozo Sifting


This nurturing postpartum treatment is also done using rebozos. It focuses on the abdomen and hips and its purpose is to support women after the extremely opening experience of pregnancy & birth.  The Closing of the Bones & Hips is usually performed during the first hours to weeks after birth. This treatment is just as effective decades after having given birth allowing her to receive the same benefits. This massage is also done after the loss of a baby, miscarriage, stillbirth & abortion.  It traditionally serves as a massage to the women as it marks major times of transition in a woman's life such as starting a menstrual cycle, marriage, etc.  This practice can be received by the postpartum mother at least 5 or 6 times within the first 40 days following birth. 

Closing of the Bones

A Warming Herbal Paste  made with warming spices & oil is applied to the abdomen following birth. This paste is meant to bring warmth back into the body, promoting circulation also while supporting the body in its release of excess fluids and air. Common warming spices used are: Turmeric, Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, Cumin & Nutmeg. Oils used to mix with the spices are: Avocado, Sesame, Almond & Hemp. A Belly Bind is placed on the abdomen following the paste to instill the warming benefits. 

Warming Herbal Paste

Sarah was able to make me an herb sack for my son- it is worth gold! He has such sensitive skin and I tried everything to relieve his red, bumpy, itchy skin until Sarah gave me this priceless herbal concoction wrapped in cheesecloth. All I did was boil it like a tea, wait for the water to cool, dump the water is his bath & use it like a washcloth! His rash is all gone! All that to say..she is amazing and if you or anyone you know is pregnant, definitely think about treating yourself to some much needed postpartum care and book an appt with her, she is so passionate about her work, I highly recommend her services.
— Lea B