Hi, My name is Sarah and I'm from Long Island, NY.  I am a mother to Oliver Grey born in 2015.  At 31 weeks into my pregnancy, my belly had dropped and I was feeling what I believed to be Braxton Hicks contractions. Being cautious, my partner Mitch and I went for a check-up with our midwives in Park Slope and discovered I was 4.5 cm dilated and in active labor. Holy crap, were we scared! Given how early in the pregnancy we still were, the midwives had a high-risk doctor intervene. They tried everything to halt my labor, but with continuous contractions for two days Oliver could not be stopped. Like the Taurus he is he stubbornly came into this world as strong as could be. He didn’t even need to be on oxygen or anything else! He surpassed every test with flying colors but at 4 pounds 3 ounces, he was just too small to bring home. For four long, excruciating and exhausting weeks we went back and forth to the hospital to be with our brand new little boy. I pumped religiously every 2-3 hours to maintain my supply because (surprise!!) I’m super stubborn too (with my moon in Taurus) and refused to give up. Oliver had my colostrum immediately with a swab in his mouth, but was fed by feeding tube because he hadn’t developed his sucking reflex to nurse yet. After almost two weeks he was able to receive my milk through a bottle and with the help of a wonderful lactation counselor he successfully latched about a week later. To this day, three years later, we are still breastfeeding and I am so proud of how far the both of us have come. My sweet baby Oliver, always ahead of the mark, persistent like heck, and with such an old soul, I adore you. My postpartum recovery wasn’t easy and my mental health suffered tremendously but every time I share my birth story I am one step closer to putting it behind me and thoroughly healing. My experiences led me to who I am today … a Postpartum Doula and Yoga Teacher with a focus on postpartum mothers. I want to share my story and my struggle to help other women know that when you’re feeling low, this isn’t the new normal and there are ways to prevent/help your body to transition smoothly into motherhood. With the traditional methods that I learned through my trainings I am now able to serve other mothers, and women who have suffered losses, through this time that is so important yet often ignored in society today.

Sarah Joy Morin

Traditional Postpartum Doula

Yoga Instructor

Currently servicing Long Island & Brooklyn NY


Having Sarah come into my home 6 weeks after the birth of my son was a wonderful experience! Her services were just what I needed after making the transition from pregnancy/birth to motherhood. Sarah took her time and was truly interested in hearing my birth experience and what I was feeling post partum. Sarah was very professional and made me feel at ease while providing her services. My favorite part of the experience was the herbal bath, I gained a lot of emotional and spiritual healing after she helped me to move on from birth to my motherhood journey. I highly recommend Sarah’s services to any new momma!
— Lisa G