Traditional Postpartum Doula & Yoga Instructor

Hand prepared Belly Binds, click photo to learn more

Hand prepared Belly Binds, click photo to learn more

Recreating Traditions of Mother-Centered Care


A Traditional Postpartum Doula understands the importance of the postpartum period by remembering that it is a continuation of the birth ceremony. I help to assist the family in creating a mother centered care environment by offering a safe space for the client to rejuvenate and bond with the new baby. The client will feel nurtured on emotional, spiritual and physical levels following their unique birth story. I also bring education & information to help the new family adjust.

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After I had my postpartum session, I felt a sense of closure and a new beginning. It was amazing to feel so emotionally and spiritually supported at such a delicate time. I was struggling with postpartum because of an ectopic pregnancy. It was the most difficult experience I’ve ever endured, but after my session with Sarah and Gina and I felt like I was ready to close this chapter. I encourage all new mommy’s, and almost mommy’s dealing with postpartum to have these women support you with their strong feminine energy in your time of need.
— Lauren M